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13 ABS Anti-Lock Braking System  Reduces braking pressure by  monitoring the wheel speed,  preventing the wheels from   locking up. C-ABS Combined Anti-Lock   Braking System   Optimises the balance of front and rear  braking control while counteracting  tyre slip when braking over variable  road conditions. DUAL CLUTCH TRANSMISSION Dual Clutch Transmission  Combines the riding enjoyment  of amanual transmission with  the convenience of an automatic,  delivering enhanced comfort and  sporty performance. EURO 3 EURO 3   Complies with EURO 3 emissions  regulations. HECS3 Honda Evolutional Catalysing  System  Oxygen-sensing system maintains an  optimal air/fuel mixture for the most  effective catalytic reduction of   exhaust emissions. HISS Honda Ignition   Security System   Only allows the bike to be started by  its original encoded keys to effectively  protect against thef HMAS Honda Multi-Action System   Cartridge-type front fork and rear  damper design ensures aconfident  balance of compliant damping and  precise handlin SELECTABLE TCS Honda Selectable Torque   Control System  Automatically limits wheel spin   in low grip conditions. PLRS Pro-Link Rear Suspension  monoshock rear suspension utilises  atriangular linkage system to  progressively increase damping  force through range of rear swingarm  movemen  PGM FI Programmed Fuel Injection  map-type computerised system  maintains strong power and  responsive performance in   all conditions. V4 VTEC V4-VTEC Engine  Honda's unique 2-stage valve control  system maximises power output  across the rev range. GLOSSARY  Honda has developed many innovative technologies for its motorcycling range,  designed to have the greatest possible benefit for you and the world around you. the power   of dreams The first product to bear the Honda name was an auxiliary engine for bicycles.  Adding power to the bicycle made life abit easier for people and made  geing around more fun. Right from the beginnin Honda was about  creating things that people truly need "“ things that had never before  existed. This takes independent thinkin audacity and imagination  to follow ideas wherever they lead. It also takes determination; the  passion, tenacity and innovation to never allow the dream to die   and to shape dreams into products for the world.  When you go on an adventure, it's ajourney into the unknown.  The person who returns is not quite the same as the person  who went away. You see and experience things you could  never have anticipated. And you can't help feeling you know  alile more about real life than those who never venture  outside their comfort zone. The sights and encounters  that stir your soul along the way become the moments you live for. We believe the world would be abeer place if more people had these experiences. But it takes alot of courage to embark on abig trip.  You need to overcome your fears and your doubts. You need to find your longing for adventure until the urge to resist is too grea If you question the way you live now, you may well realise that you're not truly livin 14 The specific details of this brochure do not apply to any particular product supplied  or offered for sale. manufacturers reserve the right to vary specifications, including  colours, with or without notice at such times in such manner as deemed appropriate.  major as well as minor changes may be involved. Every effor however, is made to  ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in this brochure. Consult your Dealer  for details regarding the specifications of any featured produc This publication shall  not constitute - under any circumstances whatsoever - an offer by the Company to  any individual. All sales are made by the Distributor or Dealer subject to and with the  benefit of the standard Conditions of Sale and Warranty provided by the Distributor or  Dealer, copies of which may be obtained upon reques While efforts are made to ensure  specification accuracy, brochures are prepared and printed several months in advance  of distribution and consequently cannot always immediately reflect either changes in  specification or in some isolated cases the provision of aparticular feature. Customers  are always advised to discuss specific details with the supplying Dealer, especially  if aselection is dependent upon one of the features advertised. Please note that the  fuel consumption figures provided are results obtained by Honda under standardised  testing conditions prescribed by Wm TTests are conducted on arolling road using a standard version of the vehicle with only one rider and no additional optional equipmen  Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on how you ride, how you maintain your  vehicle, weather, road conditions, tyre pressure, installation of accessories, cargo, rider  and passenger weigh and other factors. You accept that if you do go ahead and make  apurchase or enter into any kind of transaction, whether for payment or no you did  so entirely in reliance on your own skill and judgement and not on that of anyone else. RIDE WITH STYLE  Read the owner's manual thoroughly. Get to know your machine  and its capabilities. Concentration assists anticipation. Observe other road users'  movements. Brake in plenty of time. Wear quality ki ride fit and NEVER after drinking  alcohol. Good roadcraft and courtesy identify the skilled and stylish rider. Honda endorse  the law that all helmet visors must comply with BS 4110. Visors that transmit less than  50% of visible light cannot legally be used on the road. Honda Motor Europe sources  paper responsibly from  manufacturers within the EU. Please don't bin me.Pass me on to afriend or recycle me. Honda (UK) - Motorcycles 470 London Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL3 8QY, England Adivision of Honda Motor Europe Ltd. No. 857969 Registered in England and Wales  Part No: MC-BROCH-ADV0314    Issue Date: 03/14
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